Costa Rica – My First Post

In Costa Rica by Eller Student

It has been almost two weeks since I touched down in San Jose Airport, Costa Rica. Since then I have done so much I really cannot believe I have been here for such a brief span of time.

One of the first experiences that I had was a tour of San Jose which, would become my home for the next eight weeks. My family is amazing! I live in the “center” of everything. A variety of restaurants, stores, the train and the other students are within 500 meters of my front door.

My internship has thus far been a great experience. Because the company is still in the start up phase my day-to-day operations constantly change. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see how a startup (especially a tech. startup) works. This aligns perfectly with my future aspirations, as I too want to begin entrepreneurial ventures of my own.

Already I have also been fortunate enough to meet and learn from some great people/ business owners including Steve Arronson the founder of Café Britt, Randall Arias of Franklin Covey, an inspiring entrepreneur that was born with a physical condition still undefined by modern science, as well as my “boss” Diego May. All of these people as well as many others have already changed my way of thinking and the way in which I observe the world in a profound manner.

I consider this experience already to be exceedingly valuable to my development 1) as a human being 2) as an undergraduate. Not to sound cliché but I cannot wait so see what the future brings and how I continue to progress. With that I bid you adieu and pura vida amigos…