Costa Rica – My Second Post

In Costa Rica by Eller Student

I have now been in Costa Rica for roughly three weeks now and I love it. I continue to meet influential people whose thoughts, personalities and demeanors cause me to reevaluate my life and reshape my understanding of the world and the inhabitants which populate it.

Last week our group of Dream Career students spoke with Andrew Hewitt. Andrew is a bestselling author that focuses on bettering ourselves and the world around us. He does so by taking realistic approach to navigating and managing our own life paths in modern society. This meeting was of great benefit to me as I progress into the workforce in one next year from now.

On Wednesday June 22, I had my 22nd birthday here in San Jose. We met with Gabriel Valdez from Eller’s University of Arizona advising office. What a surprise! After meeting with her we rendezvoused with a couple of the interns that we met that are working with Andrew Hewitt. All together it was a great experience turning 22 in Costa Rica.

Then last weekend the ‘Dreamers’ took a trip to Manuel Antonio. This town is positioned between a mountain landscape and a beautiful beach. Manuel Antonio is filled with many interesting people, architecture and great food. On the way out of town we went to a great restaurant that overlooked the entire area.  Manuel Antonio was a great place to spend the weekend.

Tomorrow Dream Careers has a seminar with Mohit Mukherjee. Mohit graduated from the University of Peace in Costa Rica which specializes in green business and helping to better society. He will be talking to us about his life and social entrepreneurship. This sounds very interesting and beneficial to me as I also aspire to have entrepreneurial ventures my own in the near future.

That is all for this post so until next time… Pura Vida!