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In Costa Rica by Eller Student

So we have been in Costa Rica a little bit over 3 weeks and words can´t explain how amazing this country is. So far we have been on 3 separate amazing trips to different locations. We´ve also had the chance to listen to two speakers that have really taught us about finding our way through life by listening to what inspires us and following what we are passionate about. My internship has been amazing thus far. The environment is unbelievable, the people here are really friendly and after a really short period I already feel like I’m part of the company.

I could go on and on about how amazing my job is and how much I´m enjoying it but all that is definitely overshadowed by the amazing places we have visited. The second weekend we were here, we went to La Fortuna which is a small town by the Arenal Volcano. That weekend we went on a hike through a rainforest and down some really slippery and poorly constructed stone steps, but our complaining quickly stopped after we saw a blind girl going down those same steps and saying how much fun it was (very admirable). The waterfall was amazing; it was a sight that truly cannot be described by words. That whole place quickly became one of my favorite places.

Our second destination the next weekend was Jaco Beach on the Pacific coast. The place was really relaxing and thanks to Anita and Paty (my coworkers) we were able to get a great hotel and at an amazing price for that weekend. This job definitely has some perks. This was probably one of the most relaxing experiences ever. Surprisingly this also became one of my favorite places.

This past weekend we went to Manuel Antonio with the Dream Careers program and as you can imagine, it also became one of my favorite places pretty quick. Something about Manuel Antonio makes it a dream destination for any tourist. Maybe it was the beach and amazing scenery. It could have been the amazing food and relaxing environment. Personally I think it was the fact the monkeys and sloths are a more common sight than people. In one weekend we got our fix of crocodiles, sloths, birds, monkeys and snakes.

Without a doubt this has to be the best internship program ever. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about studying abroad. Sure in China and India you will get to see some amazing temples and experience a lot of culture and in Europe you will get to go out and experience the ¨culture¨. Honestly, nothing can compare to being on the beach and turning around to see a group of monkeys, 50 feet away in the rainforest, plotting to steal your bag of chips. Nothing can compare to being surrounded by wildlife and the rainforest while swimming under a huge waterfall. What country can really compete with the happiest people on Earth? Costa Rica is rapidly becoming my favorite country.