Costa Rica!

In Costa Rica by Eller Student

Today is the beginning of my third week in Costa Rica! So far, everything has been going great. I am interning in a logistics company called Aerocasillas and the experience is a very new one for me. The work environment is professional yet dynamic and friendly. The people I have met are very kind and everyone seems to live a very happy life. “Pura Vida” is used by Costa Ricans in their everyday conservations. This is a way of saying “life is good” and life is definetely good over here. There is so much scenery to admire! It is not like other cities that are overcrowded with tall buildings and little nature is left to see.

Just the other day, I was walking to work from lunch with my coworker Donny and in the corner there were a pack of 20 or more coatis digging into a dumpster. I had never seen these animals before, they look like ant eaters with monkey tails. They were hanging from trees and searching through the garbage. We were amazed but surprisingly for Ticos this is an ordinary scene.

When we (the dreamers:Donny,Evan,Mckanzie, Santiago and I) get to travel away from the city another adventure always awaits us. The first weekend we traveled to Volcan Arenal and it was such an impressing sight to see. We didn’t get to spot the top of the volcano because clouds were overlapping it but it was still very beautiful. We also had the opportunity to walk through the middle of a rainforest! It was all very green and after a beautiful twenty minute trail we were guided to the bottom of an amazing waterfall! The sight was breathtaking! The water was crystal clear and swimming inside was an unforgettable experience. That same weekend we also went to some Hot Springs. They are basically giant jacuzzis with water five times hotter. It was very relaxing and we had a great time.

This past weekend we went to Jaco beach. It is just an hour an half ride from San Jose. The weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful. There were surfers catching incredible waves and the water was so nice. The ocean was another amazing sight to see. This weekend we are heading to Manuel Antonio beach which is said to be even more beautiful. I can’t possibly imagine!