“Filthy, Yet Beautiful” – India

In India by Eller Student

For my first post, I have decided to talk a little about my opinion of India, and one of my favorite parts so far. I feel that this will be a good way to begin my blogs. So here goes.

At first, when people would ask me what I thought of India, I could not even start to explain it to them. Recently, after doing some adventuring with a few friends, I have found only one way of describing this BRIC Country. “Filthy, Yet Beautiful.” I came across this description after a few friends and I traveled to Ramanagara, India to go for a hike/climb. During this hike, I took the pictures below.



















Back in Bangalore my adventurous urges got the best of me as I began to wander around the unsafe and unfamiliar streets. This was one of the best experiences I have had and will have while in India. As I walked through a dirty field filled with cows, I came across about five local kids playing a game of Cricket. They were shocked yet excited to see a “white” person wandering around their neighborhoods. They immediately ran up to me asking me where I was from and what I was doing there. With the little English they knew, I was able to ask if I could play with them. Not knowing much about Cricket, they helped me pick it up very fast. As the time flew by, more locals came out of their homes to see what was going on, as well as play with us. I ended up meeting a few people my age that were studying finance in Bangalore. They were also ecstatic to meet me and only wanted to learn more about me and the U.S. I quickly became close friends with all the members of this neighborhood, and I love hanging out with them. This has provided me with a great first hand way of learning about the culture and people in India. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I hope this starts to give you an idea of how my trip to India is going. I am currently working on a video of my picture and a few video I have been taking while traveling. This video will be posted in a later blog and will give you the an amazing idea of what it is like for me being in India.

Thank you