In Costa Rica by Eller Student

I arrived Saturday June 4th at the San Jose airport where I was welcomed by Eric, the coordinator of the internship program. After only 3 hours of sleep due to a farewell party the night before, I went to the hotel to get 3 hours of sleep before lunch. that same afternoon Evan showed up and Eric took us to a concert (free one by the way) where we got to listen to a local band (Percance) followed by Hombres G (they are like the Rolling Stones of Spain in case they don’t ring a bell). I forgot to mention that this concert was an outdoors event and as we all know Costa Rica has two season (dry or raining like you´ve never seen before), im sure you can guess which one we are in. So after enjoying the music in a field of mud and mosh pits, we decided to got back to the hotel, shower and got to dinner where we met up with Karol (Eric´s wife and also coordinator of the program), Alejandra and Mackenzie (another girl in the program from U Miami). That same night we went out to try some of the local cuisine and national drinks Costa Rica has to offer. Overall an amazing first day.

The next day we went on a tour of San Jose where we walked around the city and met some very interesting characters. We had lunch at the hotel followed by orientation and our first encounter with our Costa Rican families with whom we will be sharing the everyday life for the next 8 weeks. I don’t know about the others but I definitely hit the jackpot with my ¨mama tica¨. Dunia is an amazing lady. She is super fun, talkative and extremely nice. She looks after me like a mother would after a son. I think my mom would be jealous. Her husband Jorge, or ¨Coqui¨ like she calls him, is really nice and always asking about my day and sharing about his. They have a 7 year old daughter named Diana who is the life of that house. She is extremely smart and outgoing. She is also an avid fan of online mini games which is amazing for two reasons. First, she is like me and we share different games, although I’m sure she is better at them than me. Second, we have Wi-Fi all over the house so I’m still on Facebook when I’m home and I can share my experience with friends and family back home.

On Monday we went on a tour of a coffee processing plant where we got to see the entire process from plant to the cup and also had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with Mr. Steve, the founder of the gourmet coffee brand Britt.
coffee tasting @ Cafe Britt
Overall, these have been amazing first couple of days and we have learned a lot. I will discuss my internship (which I’m loving) in future posts. The Costa Rican way of life is really something unique and educational. They live a life of no stress and seem to be happy 24/7. No wonder they are ranked as the happiest people on Earth (according to the Happy Planet Index).

Pura Vida!