2nd post – Only 4 weeks left.

In Costa Rica by Eller Student

So we’ve managed to survive it through the halfway mark.  4 weeks down and 4 weeks left.  It’s a bit hard to believe.  Between working 50 hours a week and then taking off for weekend adventures there hasn’t been a lot of time wasted. 

Last weekend we went to Manuel Antonio national park which was amazing.  We saw all sorts of wildlife: a few sloths, little white faced monkeys (which we had to chase away from our beach stuff, along with a raccoon) howler monkeys and I got to drape a wild python over my shoulders.  And it was all on a short walk to an amazing beach.  We spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and clear waters and then left to go eat lunch at a place that overlooks the entire bay and is famous for their gigantic burgers.

This week we had the privilege of having dinner with Mohit Mukherjee, and got listen to his incredible story of how he got to where he was.  He’s currently the director of the Centre for Executive Education at the UN mandated University for Peace here in Costa Rica.  The talk was absolutely thought provoking and created all kinds of new ideas and opportunities as far as future career and post graduate possibilities go.

The relationship with the family has continued to grow and every day I feel more and more like I’m part of the family.  This weekend I went to the little amusement park here with my brother and mom which was really entertaining.  I got to lead a frightened pack of 10-13 year olds through a 10 minute long walk through a haunted house, while they hugged me and screamed the entire time.

Today was the first day I was able to sleep in until 9:30 for the first time in a month and it was great, and much needed.  But with only 4 weeks left, something tells me I won’t be spending too much time sleeping in.  There’s just way too much left to do and see to be spending time lying in bed.  But I’ll enjoy it for today.