Comfortable Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

Blog 3


Week 3 begins and now I am starting to hit stride in my program. I am really starting to feel comfortable and enjoy just about everything that is going on. I am really impressed with the Dream Careers program. The Hong Kong internship program is pretty different from other programs I had joined in the past. Granted the other programs were more study based, but as goes for the staff they are doing a good job. They have lots of activities planned for us, and are always available when I need them. The only thing I can really compare it to is the Barcelona program which made me feel like I was more on my own as in the sense that I was put into an apartment and the only time I saw the staff was when I went to class or there was a sponsored event. I don’t know, I just feel a little closer to them then I did with some of the other programs I had done.


Tonight is another “Tasty Tuesday” and Maya, one of our staff coordinators, decided to take us to have Hong Kong Style Steak. My expectations are high because of how good the food was last week, and it is the first time in a while since we had anything, but vegetarian food. From my understanding of why Hong Kong Steak is different than any other countries steak is that they pour gravy on it after they serve it to you. But I guess they have never been the America where they not just put gravy, but any other fatty thing they can find on all their foods. The steak and gravy were both good and satisfaction hit when I had something that is filling and more familiar. By the way, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy trying new things and assimilating myself into the culture, but it is not easy to be in a place that is so opposite than the US or Spanish culture even. I am Cuban Italian, so when I have rice it normally comes with beans and meat, but over here they serve it with duck or pork, and random vegetables like boc. It just takes some time to get use to the lifestyle change.












I have been in Hong Kong for about 3 weeks and it feels like it hasn’t stopped raining. Coming from Arizona, where it rains like 10 days a year, I feel like a fish out here. I never really seen or used an umbrella until I came here. It’s just mind blowing how much it can rain in one week. The only times I hear about Typhoons are on National Geographic, but I guess it is a real thing out here.

Eventually it stopped raining and I decided that I wanted to go to the horse races today. The races are on Wednesday nights and Sundays. Apparently today is the one Wednesday during the season they are not having races. The lesson to be learn is find out before you decide to travel an hour to the horse derby.


Work has been pretty simple this week. These last couple of days I have been setting up an excel document of company contacts. I have been looking up companies like Panasonic, Fujitsu, Asus Inc. and getting their design department information, like telephone numbers so I can call and try to set up meeting with them. After I have collected a about 50 or so company contacts I show Bonnie and then she decides to give me a new project. She wants me to write a business proposal to Telefónica S.A. So since it is the end of the day and there is not work tomorrow so I will start it one Monday.

7/1/11 – 7/3/11

Friday was a day off from work because of Hong Kong Independence Day. Even though it was a day off we still had a weekend full of activities for our program. Friday is the Temple visit, Saturday is the Lantau Island tour, and Sunday is Lamma Island Beach.

From what I have seen the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is a place where people pray to the gods so they can grant their wishes. It was just interesting to see what they actually do. First they get incense and bring it to an area where they kneel and pray and then put them into a cup that is in front of the god statue. They also have gardens in the back where you can meditate and relax. The Temple as a whole is very nice and the craftsmanship and artwork that is displayed at this place is incredible.

The Big Buddha was today and honestly this is one the sites I have been looking forward to seeing. They built a giant Buddha at the top of this mountain and you have to climb 200 to 300 steps to get up there. Before we did that we went to a fishing village that is said to be like the Venice of the East, but I can tell you it is defiantly no Venice. On the other hand I found a really sweet hat that I got for like $20 HK. After the village the tour took us back up the mountain to go see the Buddha. Just a forewarning the road is really turbulent, and all of the bus drivers drive like the vehicle is on fire, so I got a little car sick. Once we got to the site it was really mind blowing. I just can’t believe that stuff like this really exists out there. The Buddha is exactly how they advertised it, really big. You can go into the Buddha which has about 3 levels, and each level has information and history about the Buddha and his linage. Also, apparently they have his tooth, which has direct DNA to THE master himself. It was pretty interesting to see all of this. The other Chinese students said that there are bigger Buddha’s on mainland and apparently Thailand has the biggest in the world. I don’t know, but how big can these Buddha’s really get? It boggles the mind. After the Buddha we ate, all vegetarian of course, and visited the souvenir shops. Now for our travel back home we took a cable car that was about 25 miles long and viewed the city scape as we glided in. It was a lot of fun to see the different sides of Hong Kong; the rural and the city.

Saturday was definitely a long day, so a day at the beach was really nice. Out of all the beaches I have been too I would rank Hong Kong’s Lamma Island Beach towards the bottom of my list. The water had a lot trash in it, the water was a greenish color, and it was kind of rocky. I felt a little hesitant to enter the water, but after I realized that first who knows the next time I am going to swim in the East Pacific, and second I shouldn’t complain because Arizona doesn’t have any beaches I decided to head in. It was nice to spend a day at the beach and get some color back on my skin.