Costa Rica – My Third Post

In Costa Rica by Eller Student

With only 11 days left in the program I am truly amazed with how fast two months in Costa Rica have passed.  Everything has been going exceedingly well and I continue to learn a tremendous amount every day. I have finally become comfortable with attempting to speak Spanish no matter how foolish I may sound. The group of students that I came down here with continues to get along remarkably well for being comprised of people that had never “really” met prior to this trip.

Since my last post I began working at a new company called Fair Play Labs. This has been a great experience and a compliment to my last job at Junar. I have been able to expand my understanding of the technology sector a great amount by being able to work in two companies that are both still in the “start-up” and the “semi-start up” phase. Junar was a very new company that was still trying to find its niche. The company that I work in now has been around for 5+ years and is now working to build its clientele base and working to improve its position in the current market. I have had the privilege to examine the companies cost structure and even give them ideas on how to improve upon the existing structure.

As for my Tico family, we are getting along very well and recently I have been able to have more or less conversations with them a be able to at least make small talk. The language barrier which existed between us as a result of me speaking little or no Spanish when I arrived has began to disappear as I continue to learn more of the language. Much of the food that is prepared for me strangely enough tastes better as time goes on. I am beginning to think that my taste buds are adapting to the new foods and spices of Costa Rica.

There have been numerous weekend adventures to beautiful places which I have enjoyed thoroughly. Everywhere that I go I seem to encounter life changing events and scenery.  As I mentioned before it is amazing how little time I have left in Costa Rica. Before I know it I will be back in Tucson in the sweltering heat and wondering how these two months passed by so quickly.