My First Post from Barcelona!

In Spain by Eller Student

The date is June 30, and I’ve already been living in Barcelona for over three weeks. TIME IS FLYING. As good as my intentions were to start this blog right away, ultimately I always tend to procrastinate (oops). There has also just been so much to do here in the last few weeks that I could not justify sitting down at my computer in my small apartment on the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona campus to write about my stories when I could be out in the city creating new ones to tell. However, so much has happened in the last few weeks that I feel like now I don’t even know where to start…

First of all, every few days or so I have a slight freak out when I remember I’m living in Spain. OH MY GOD. Let me tell you, it’s better than I could have ever possibly imagined. And the crazy thing is that I’m actually becoming accustomed to life here. It’s so incredibly different than anything I’ve been exposed to before, and yet, at the same time the culture is so warm, so welcoming, and so encompassing in everything you see and experience that you can’t help but feel at home and fully incorporated into this lifestyle. Personally, I love the concept of “Spanish time.” The atmosphere is so relaxed here that this phrase refers to the idea that everything is always a little delayed, people arrive to meetings a few minutes late and still are on time, coffee breaks often last an hour if two people are enjoying good conversation, the idea of deadlines is almost nonexistent, and the siesta reigns supreme (Siesta time is from 2-4pm everyday, and literally almost everything closes, with the exception of most restaurants). With my procrastinatory habits as described before, this lifestyle is almost too good to be true to me.

As if this relaxed attitude alone weren’t fantastic enough, the city itself is absolutely gorgeous. It seems that wherever you go in Barcelona, you can sense the history behind every building. The architecture is absolutely amazing here (I looooove Gaudi) and Las Ramblas is the best free entertainment one can get simply through people watching. I will definitely be uploading some videos of live street statue performers later.

One of my most favorite things about Barcelona is definitely the amazing beach. The whole waterfront area provides abundant opportunities for entertainment and recreation. Just the other day, a bunch of us visited the aquarium which is right by the water. SOOO COOL. And the cafes and restaurants by the beach are fantastic. My roommate and I split a pitcher of cava sangria one lazy afternoon while sitting at an outside table enjoying the amazing weather. I seriously could not have been more content. FYI, cava is delicious champagne here, and sangria is a mixture of fruit, some kind of fruit juice, and either cava or wine. And just so you know, people here drink sangria like it’s water. I have never consumed so much sangria IN MY LIFE. But definitely can’t complain.

The attitude toward alcohol consumption here is also vastly different than in the states. For instance, people here have MASTERED the art of day drinking. On my way to work in the morning, I’ll often see people enjoying a beer at a local cafe at 9:30am, and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. And also, when you go out at night in Barca, you REALLY go out. On average, after a night of clubbing, you’ll get home at 5am or later. Granted, we do live near Bellaterra, which is a good 30-40 minute train ride to Plaza de Catalunya, the central area of Barcelona. This said, it makes for a long night of commuting whenever we go out.

As I’m losing my train of thought on what else I want to say about this phenomenal city, I guess for now I’ll end my post with pictures of some of the best places I’ve been here so far! Adios!



View of Barcelona, specifically Placa Espanya, from Montjuïc


La fuente mágica de Montjuïc


Museo MNAC


Getting professional pictures snapped of us at Shoko, one of the popular  beach clubs here!


Parc Guell, an architectural park designed by Gaudi


Barca, mes que un club. A picture of the Barca stadium from our Camp Nou tour!


At the Torres Winery!


Basilica de Montserrat