Costa Rica – My Fourth Post

In Costa Rica by Eller Student

After a great two months in Costa Rica my trip has come to a close. I am back in the United States and have spent my first couple days in Tucson. It is hard to imagine that two months ago I was boarding my flight to Costa Rica and yet there has been a great deal of change that has come as a result. Getting back to the U.S. I find that I am more relaxed and collected than may of my fellow amigos that stayed in the U.S. or went to Europe for the summer.

Many of my friends that once seemed less stressed and less frustrated than me now seem much more uptight and on edge. Many of the tribulations in their lives seem  silly to me as they are usually self-correctable with a small amount of will power or even material based.

Boredom is probably the most relievable of the ‘problems’ that I have noticed. I suggest to my friends and acquaintances that suffer from boredom I to fill their lives with more activities that they enjoy or that bring out and harness ‘flow.’

The exception to what I said above is my good friend that has been sailing for semester at sea for the last month and a half. He too seems to have grown and developed a great deal as a result of his experiences. We have relied on email to say in touch and there is a obvious parallel in that despite the differences in the structure of our trips, that we have drawn many of the same conclusions and continue to see the world in very similarly which I find to be an incredibly interesting result.

My experience(s) in Costa Rica helped me immensely to narrow my search and yet expanded my understanding of what I desire to do with my time and in life. From what I saw I refuse succumb to the misshaped and misinformed life model based on ‘needing’ the next greatest material object, which often comes with accumulating new debts. This tragic story of acquiring material possessions happens too often in the developed world as many people loose touch with what truly makes them happy then attempt to fill the void in their lives with material goods. As a result many people need a steady job to pay for bills, which to them often take president over a job that they would enjoy more but that may not be as stable.

I want to remain living within my means and knowing that happiness comes from within and from my social bonds with others. While it may not be exactly the same around the world Costa Rica opened my eyes to how many people live and it is not in the newest Mercedes Benz nor is it in a going to the newest bars every weekend. Family and friends are the glue that strength the Costa Rica society and make them great people as a result.

Thank you Costa Rica my eyes are now open.