Hasta luego Costa Rica!

In Costa Rica by Eller Student

My time in Costa Rica was an unforgettable one. I traveled to beautiful beaches and exotic rain forests. I worked full time at a global logistics company and had the opportunity to meet and personally report to its corporate management. Almost every weekend I went on risky adventures such as canopying, repelling, touching a live 6 foot snake, and bungee jumping (the scariest and most heart-racing experience).

Certain people made my trip much more worthwhile: the Dream Careers Costa Rica coordinators Eric and Karol, the rest of the dreamers Donny, Evan, Mackenzie, and Santiago, the driver Eric, the motivational weekly speakers, my host family, my coworkers at Aerocasillas, and all my Tico, German, Mexican and foreign friends. I learned a lot from the relationships I established during my stay in Costa Rica and I look forward to keep on investing in them.

Living, Working, and Vacationing abroad impacted me on all levels. I was introduced to the professional business world as a first-time marketing intern. I opened my eyes to new theories and interesting life perspectives. Not only did I gain business, communication, and impersonal skills but I also learned more about myself. This trip has made me become more independent, open-minded, driven and prepared for the future that lies ahead of me. I hope to one day return to beautiful Costa Rica!!

Pura Vida!!