Argentina- The Greatest Retreat

In Argentina by Eller Student

This weekend we enjoyed a major contrast to the city life of Buenos Aires.


We began with a 13+ hour journey via bus to northern Argentina. Our first stop was at the most beautiful ranch house I have ever seen. Green land as far as the eye can see in every direction. Here they grew tea and mate. After a tour of the outdoor factory where the mate is processed into the final product, we enjoyed a BBQ and poolside relaxation. The serenity of the whole area was so powerful and necessary after a first crazy week in the city. The food we were served here was fantastic – empanadas, chorizo sandwiches, salad, four cuts of meat, lemonade, tea, mate, fruit, the list goes on. And every bite of it was delicious.

The next day we tackled the Iguazu Falls. Countering the majesty of Niagara Falls, there were so many beautiful waterfalls ranging in size and monstrosity. We paid about $30 US to go on a speed boat which took us right up underneath some of the falls. It was insanely fun. However, our group could not get enough, so we began chanting “Mas! Mas! Mas! Mas! Otra Vez!” and eventually found ourselves getting an additional second and third splash!

Ending the weekend, we visited the local Guarani tribe, who are living in their traditional ways, living the simple life. These people were so healthy and happy, oblivious to the chaos of the outside world surround them. Our guide, a 62 year old leader, did not look a day over 45. He described to us the daily life that his people lived and showed us their hunting rituals. He also mentioned how there are no deadly illness or cancers in the community, impressive.

Needless to say, and up close and personal weekend with nature was exactly what we all needed.