Argentine Cuisine

In Argentina by Eller Student

Small meals are seemingly nonexistent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each meal begins with an appetizer, followed by a (very large) main dish, a side item, and of course, dessert and beverages served exclusively in glass bottles. All that per every individual person. Keep in mind that saying ‘no, gracias’ is not an acceptable answer that your residency mother will accept. So caloric intake will be ignored for the next two weeks.

The portions are enormous and the food has been quite tasty. The menu variety is reflective of the range of immigrants who first made up the population. Of course you can count on meat, meat, and more meat to be on the menu. Side note – meat cuts are not limited like many Americas are used to, and the Argentines are NOT wasteful. Some meat options have included cow tongue, liver and intestines, llama parts, … The list goes on and on.

Pictures coming soon…. Hopefully we can maintain our figures with all the hearty eating we are doing/have already done with no regrets. Good, cheap food- why should we not indulge????



Cow Tongue on the Left of the Plate

Giant Piece of Chicken

While there were MANY McDonald’s in BA, we chose to skip this in our list of foods to eat. 🙂