London Life

In England by Eller Student

Hello Everyone,

My name is Steven Packer. I am currently on the Eller Internship abroad program in London. The past few days have been some of the best days of my life. Monday to Wednesday I am working for a company called HCA International. At HCA I am working in the payroll department, and using a software called Meditech. In Meditech I am primarily processing invoices. It is invaluable real life work experience, and it is pretty cool to do, since I am utilizing the skills I learned in accounting information systems this past semester. Everyone in the office is really nice.

I have been having a great time in London outside of work as well.  I recently went to Camden market. Camden market had tons of cool little shops and stores. And the food there was amazing. I eat tons of food there, and enjoyed walking around the market. I also went to a food market in the borough district. The food there was some of the best I have tasted in my life. I recently went to see the Henry V play at the Shakespeare Globe Theater. The play was amazing, but I could not have asked for worse weather! I also saw the play Blood Brothers at the London theater. The play was incredible. I just recently planned and am in the process of booking trips to Barcelona, Brighton, Stonehedge, Bath, and Edinburgh. This weekend I plan on going to the Tower of London, the museums here, and Winsor, and Harrods.

The blog will not allow me to post pictures at the moment, but I will do so on the next one.