A City of Opposites

In China by Eller Student

Arriving in Hong Kong I was assuming that it would be similar to other countries in Asia that I had visited. But as soon as I walked out of the airport terminal I realized that this city was not going to be like anything I’d experienced before. Hong Kong is truly the city where the East and West combine. Although the culture is dominated by Chinese elements there are definitely hints of Western influence. Alongside small family owned restaurants reside American corporations like Starbucks or Pizza Hut. I was surprised at how easy it was to find my way around the city; all of the signs are in English and the subway system is incredible.

Hong Kong 2012 006

Although the skyline of Hong Kong is dominated by glass towers, the natural beauty of the region is intertwined within the city. There are parks throughout the city but the most surprising aspect has been the natural greenery. From our hotel I can see the residential buildings housing thousands of people and the rolling hills of untouched forest. On Saturday we had a bus tour and were taken to a viewpoint that allowed us to look out onto Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. The view was incredible, there was an amazing amount of lights and buildings but at the same time the view was balanced and subtle because of Victoria Harbour.

I can’t believe how fast the last two weeks have gone by and I’m excited to see what else this city has to offer.