Barcelona Beauty

In Spain by Eller Student

I would like to start out by saying that this experience is nothing like I have ever experienced before. This culture is just so different from any other culture and it is something to be cherished. The aspect that stands out the most while being here is how much they appreciate life and celebrate life everyday. It is absolutely amazing what my eyes have been opened too here and I could not ask to be in a more beautiful exquisite place. The first thing my employer said to me was “What are you doing this weekend? You need to spend as much time as you can enjoying this city” and he was completely correct. How many employers would ask you that is the United States? Not very many. The things I learn everyday here is crazy. I have already learned many skills at work plus everything about the architecture here.

I learned about Gaudi about six months ago and honestly that was the one thing I was so excited to see. Even after seeing many pictures before I got to Barcelona and I was taken a back when I saw his work. It is so stunning and nothing like I have ever seen. I love all of the bright colors and curves he uses in most of his designs. The Sagrada Familia is also magnificent and it is upsetting that he himself could not be here to finish it. 

 Myself and four other girls took a trip to Sitges, Spain and it was also an amazing city. It was almost like a San Diego kind of place but Spain’s version. There was a party scene and many young people everywhere. We also got to witness a fashion which was great for me because that is my field. It was a really quick trip as well. It took thirty minutes on the FGC train into the city and then from the city we got on the renfe train to Sitges for about forty minutes.

I cannot wait to continue exploring Spain!