Great food and Different People

In Spain by Eller Student

The first topic I plan on writing about is people and food in Barcelona Spain. The first thing I noticed when I arrived is the different clothes being worn. Spain is a very laid back culture so when I arrived for the first day of work, I noticed most of the men dressed in polos and some even in jeans. Right away i understood that the business world is completely different. In America, you would be looked at awkward if you wore anything but a suit or tie. Here it is awkward if you do wear a suit and a tie everyday. Also, fashion wise they seem to be slightly behind America as well. They pick up on fashion a little later than we do. Also, most Spaniards take breaks for lunch from around 2-4pm everyday unlike America. They sit and converse during lunch while Americans usually have a 30 minute lunch break everyday and are rushing to eat. Also, they mostly enjoy tapas and order them in several different courses. We Americans get heavy plates of food but the Spanish enjoy small appetizers throughout their meals. The food is also pretty much the same everywhere you go. In America we have a lot more variety but in Spain every street corner has a tapas bar. It is sometimes difficult to find Mexican, Japanese and American type restaurants in Spain as well. Furthermore, the people in Spain greet and treat you differently that they would in America. If you know someone you are greeted with two kisses; one on each cheek which would only be done by close family members in the states. Lastly, the work environment is much more relaxing. Most people are talking and having a good time while they are at work. I have had jobs in America where my boss would get mad if I was talking to another coworker while I was working. It is just apart of their unique and free flowing culture. It has taken a few weeks but I now feel as if I have adapted to the living and working style in Spain.