Barcelona Lifestyle

In Spain by Eller Student

So far Barcelona has exceeded my expectations.  Since the day I got here, I have constantly been on the go, which I love.  The first couple of days were awesome because I met a ton of new friends, all of which I am very close with now.  We got familiar with the city and had lots of fun enjoying the nightlife. After a couple of crazy days, I had my first day of work.  I am working at a small company called Artelista.  This company sells art, and gives artists the opportunity to get their artwork to a larger target market.  The first day I was introduced to everyone in the company and given a tour of the office.  For the first week, I was assigned with critiquing the company from an Americans standpoint.  I had to tell them the pros and cons of the website and also any improvements I feel they should make to their business plan.  The next week I presented my analysis of the company to all the employees.  At first I was a little nervous to see their reaction, but everyone ended up being very impressed.  Just through these two weeks I have learned a lot of skills that will be useful throughout my business career.  Although there is a language barrier between me and other employees, we have been able to share our thoughts and skills with each other.


Aside from work, words cannot describe the amount of fun I have had here.  Most days after work I either go to the beach or see a new sight in the city.  The beaches here are very nice and always lots of people.  My favorite sight I have seen so far has been Parque Guell, which is a park with different architecture done by Antoni Gaui.  I enjoyed this because it has a beautiful view of the entire city and also has lots of colorful artwork.  Another highlight of my experience has been my trip to Ibiza.  A group of us met up with other friends studying here in Barcelona and went to Ibiza for the weekend.  It was very relaxing during the day.  We took a boat to a beautiful secluded beach with clear waters.  We spent the day there and then went to the largest club in the world, Privilege. I had the time of my life there and had never seen anything like it.  It was opening night for the club so the performance was a spectacular.  The next day we went to a different beach, which was also very beautiful, then went to Pacha nightclub.


Although I have only spent two weeks here I have adapted to everything very easily.  I am looking forward to the future weeks here.  I plan to take many other weekend trips so I will continue to post in the Blog section.