Americans & the English: Cultural Differences

In England by Eller Student

My London experience so far started out on the wrong foot. I didn’t arrive on the same day as everyone else but 3 days later because of issues getting my passport. Because I arrived 3 days late I was a little nervous to meet everyone do to the fact that they had all been out to eat together and hang out together. I initially thought I was an outsider because of this. When I finally met everyone they were very kind and understood why I was not able to make it. Once I did make it there and went out with everyone in the flats I got acquainted with everyone I started to like the trip more and more. The best part about this trip so far is the people. I have been to London for around two weeks and have seen almost everything there is to see but  what I wanted to take away from this trip was the cultural differences between Americans and English people. After only a week I have noticed several differences. At first we don’t tip whenever we go to bars or clubs because the taxes are already added into the prices and the bartenders get paid a lot more here in England than they are in the U.S. This is a good thing and bad thing. I guess it’s good because it’s a set price but what we’ve noticed is that the service here is not as good as it is in America. The other cultural difference is the way people talk and the language they use. Like for instance when a guy is talking about a girl he calls her a “bird” or when they ask you whether you want your food for “here” or “to-go” they say “stay-in” or “go-out”. Those are just some of the very many differences. Another obvious and very large cultural difference is the actual food itself. London currently has a lot of Indian food places and Thai food places that Londoner’s love to go to these days. There is a lot of variety in the types of food because people move to London from all over the world bringing their food. The next difference I’ve noticed is English people are very sensitive, or at least more than the U.S., when it comes to recycling and/or what they put in there bodies in regards to food. They are very conscious about the freshness of food, which is very good, but a lot different than what Americans think about when buying food.