Exciting London

In England by Eller Student

London is exciting. I have only been here in a few days and I am fascinated by its culture.

British English is really a different language. A sales lady at Selfridge store asked me, “How did you find here?” Then I answered, “On Google.” She laughed hard because she was actually asking me whether I have enjoyed my experience here. When I was talking to my friends from London, they like to call each other “mate”, instead of “dude.” They like to make “cold jokes,” different from American style humor.

Another thing I find really different here is Chinese food. Chinese foods in America are Americanized. However, I found real Chinese food here in the Chinatown of London. This really made me homesick. They even have Chinese KTVs (kind of like Karaoke).

People in London know how to dress stylish. Every time I dress up in Tucson, people always ask me what is so special today. This is not the case in London. Londoners like to spend their money on clothing. Men here are not that obsessed with big breasts, hips, or tanned skin. This really makes London a capital of fashion. Café de Paris is a nightclub full of fashionable people, where a lot of foreigners go to enjoy a good night.

London is really a wonderful city. I am sure I will find more interesting things about London during my stay.