In England by Eller Student

Since arriving in London ten days ago I have had an absolute blast. It has been very busy and action packed but I have loved every minute of it! The days have been full of new and different adventures and an occasional traffic collision because I am still not used looking right first while crossing the road. We have been on multiple tours containing of walking, bus, and a tour of the Globe Theater, which was full of culture and history it was a little overwhelming. I am very pleased with my placement for my summer internship, and I haven’t even been to a day of work yet. I have had a great time researching the company and reading articles relating to their line of work. The classes also seem very interesting and it is cool to get a different perspective on history coming from people who live in a completely different side of the world. I have caught my self multiple times saying “British” words and having an accent while talking to local people especially so I would definitely say the culture is starting to settle in a little bit more.
The talking is not the only difference that I have noticed in my persona because all of a sudden futbol has become almost a second religion for me watching the Euro Cup. Since I have been here I would pretty confidently say that I have watched more of it then I had ever done in my life. It is such a big part of peoples lives here so it is fun to dip into their culture and respect the same things they enjoy. That being said I can not believe all of the history this city has. It is really hard to fathom how old it really is because I am used to my American history classes when 1776 was the “beginning” of time. I have not been to any of the museums yet but the market we went to was a great time because we got to try a bunch of the more “non-tourist” things to do and those are my favorite activities.
I am still not used to the dry British humor and their way of life yet but I am getting better. It is so intriguing how much different they dress and act in public than what I am used to and it truly opens my eyes seeing all of the differences between our countries and lifestyles. I am a huge fan of the more laid back working place and the fact that the boss really considers himself as just another employee is unheard of for me. That being said I am very excited to continue living here and learning more because I have learned so much already.