Daily life in Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

As soon as I walked out from the airport, I was shocked by the weather in Hong Kong. I knew that the weather would be very humid in here; it was incredibly hot and humid which I never felt in Arizona and Korea.

While on the way to the hotel, I saw so many tall buildings and realized that the city is mostly surround by mountains and Ocean; you can see mountains and port everywhere. Additionally a lot of people were on the street and so many cars and buses were on the road. Due to large population, their public transformation system works really well.  I normally take MTR (which is subway system in Hong Kong) to go to my work, and I haven’t wait for the train so far. Next train comes really fast as soon as the other one left.

It’s been almost two weeks and I have six weeks more to go. So far, I found only few interesting facts in Hong Kong. First of all, steering wheel is on the right side of the car. Also, some of the spellings are different. From that, we definitely can tell British were here. Another interesting fact is, we never get served the cold water in restaurant. Instead of cold water, they always served hot Chinese tea. I was so confused with this, because Hong Kong is so humid and hot city, but they never offer cold water. But you still can drink cold water at the restaurant, but you do have to pay extra money for bottle of cold water.

Culture difference makes me nervous sometimes, but it also makes my travel more interesting, for sure.