In China by Eller Student

The weather in this beautiful city is constantly hot and humid. I was told that all these tall buildings really minimize any comfort of wind and breezes. The air is also stuffy and although beautiful, the city is quite polluted (seen above).

Still, these (almost) 2 weeks in HK have been amazing with all the new friendships, food, and fun. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the trip!


TIP: Don’t “Bless” Anyone

I took the DingDing (the nickname that Hong Kong people designated to Trams) to work and during the ride, a person standing next to me sneezed. I automatically said, “Bless you.” Most of the people on the crowded Tram ignored me (even the person who sneezed) while some gave me weird stares. Awkward, but not awkward enough for me to learn my lesson.

On my second day at work, my co-worker sneezed and, again, I automatically said, “Bless you.” She gave me a weird look and I had to explain to her that in the U.S., when people sneeze, we say “Bless you.”

Now, whenever anyone around me sneezes, my first thought is to be quiet.