First Blog- London 2012

In England by Eller Student

Alexander Raskin

17 June 2012

Blog #1

It is hard to describe in words how incredible and interesting London is. From its surprisingly good food, with the borough market being my best example, to its history and overall atmosphere, London has already become a rewarding experience. The first few days here were fantastic, starting with how nice and spacious flat 17 is. I did not expect to be living in such a nice place and area. The orientations were good, and the first few tours around the city provided me with a general layout of London, as well as how to get around. After a few days, I had a complete understanding of the Tube system, although the buses are still confusing. The financial district, where I will begin work tomorrow, might be my favorite area other than South Kensington. The museums and the Tower of London also were incredible. I did not get to spend nearly enough time in the science and natural history museum, and will definitely be going back; Animal Inside Out was quite impressive. I cannot wait to see the parliament building from the inside; it seems to be the most impressive building in London in my opinion. John Makey and Brian Ridgers both appear to be excellent teachers, and their classes were surprisingly interesting and unique. I learned a lot in just one day with them. Professor Ridgers’ tour, which took us to the borough market and the surrounding area after our tour of the Globe Theater (more on that in a bit), was very fun and informative. He seems as if he will be a fun person to be around all summer. The Globe Theater is, arguably, the coolest theater I have ever been in. Our tour guide was very informative, and standing in a place with all that history was special; it is something that you really cannot experience in the United States. ETX Capital, where I will be working all summer, is very impressive as well. Located in the financial district, it is a very easy commute from our flat in South Ken. They operate on one floor of a, for lack of a better word, intimidating building, and primarily function as spread betters of commodities, stocks, and other potential trading mechanisms. I cannot wait to begin work tomorrow; it does not seem real that I will be working in such a great company. As I said in the beginning, London has already exceeded my expectations, while my fellow flat-mates and those in 18 are awesome as well. I hope all of this optimism continues throughout the trip, and I cannot wait to see what London has in store for me in the future.