First Week in London

In England by Eller Student

This is my second time visiting Europe as well as London, but already my experience is incomparable to that of my past. I love the living situation we have; it is similar to a commune with joint living areas, kitchen, and bathrooms. The group dynamic is great and everyone is getting a long really well. We have managed to cover a lot of ground in the short time we have been there. Aside from the tours provided for us and those done by our professor, I have taken the liberty of exploring the grounds on my own. I decided to take up jogging instead of a gym membership and I think it was a great decision. I have covered all four corners of Hyde Park, the areas of Chelsea and South Kensington not on our daily walk to the tube, and the grounds around Buckingham palace.
Running is a great option, when the weather permits of course. That is one aspect of London that is taking a lot of adjusting to. The weather varies immensely between not only the days, but also the hours! One hour is can be cloudy and drizzling, then a few hours later comfortable and sunny, and then at night be frigid cold! It makes dressing for the day and especially work a difficult gamble. I am interning with Environmental Finance Magazine this summer and it really is a perfect fit. I am a finance major, an environmental studies minor, but I chose my main focus as Journalism and Media. I am very interested in how the financial system works and interpreting it in the marketplace, but I do not see myself doing actual financial advising or analysis. How the financial sector or companies and the environment are interconnected is something I am very interested is and is what Environmental Finance Magazine covers. I think that this internship will give me experience that will be very helpful in determining my future plans.
I attached a picture of some of the girls getting high tea at the Orangery, which is right next to Kensington palace seen in the background. It was a great meal and experience overall!

-Anita Shannon