First Week in the U.K.

In England by Eller Student

A week and a half into our London experience, and real life is finally beginning. After almost two weeks of exploring the city it is time to not just see the city, but live and work here too. Today was our first day of full time work with our companies, and for most of us it could not have gone better. However, so much had to happen beforehand to make this day a success.

When we first arrived, we were too jetlagged to get out and see the city. That quickly wore off when we received our passes for the tube, and by the second

day here, we were traveling all over London. We became experts of the surrounding neighborhood of South Kensington, yet most of all we became familiar with the pubs. Over the past week and a half the pubs have become our viewing center for the majority of the Euro 2012 tournament, allowing us to view firsthand the athletic culture of England. While the social aspect of this trip is great, it is not the only reason we are in this great city.

During our short time in the U.K. our classes have already gone full speed. We had multiple class sessions, a field trip, and assignments in progress already. While these classes will require work, the experiences to be encountered through them should help to shape our British travels.

The unique combination of social and educational experiences helped prepare us for the working aspect of this trip. If the first day of interning is any sign of what’s to come then the remainder of our journey should be extremely exciting. Now that we’re settled in and starting our routines I’m sure that time will begin to fly by. As long as we can keep everything in perspective this should be the trip of a lifetime.