Food and People in Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

Being in Hong Kong is a great experience the only problem is that it is easy to get sick of the food quickly. In Hong Kong the main staple for food always has rice served with it. The main meats that you can find in Hong Kong are either Pork or Chicken. They have many different types of sauces that they put on the Pork or Chicken whether it is barbecue or some other type that I am not sure what it is. Although in Hong Kong they do have a large amount of McDonalds or other American types of restaurants. The one thing that I have found that I miss while being in Hong Kong is the taste of steak. This is because in America it is so common to have beef, but in Hong Kong it is very expensive to get a steak. I was able to find an Outback Steakhouse that although the steak was a little expensive it was not extremely overpriced. I will not be able to afford steak on a consistent basis, but possibly having it once a month is good enough.

When it comes to the people in Hong Kong they have interesting customs. They do not care much about personal space. This is probable because there are roughly seven million people in the Hong Kong area and they are all tightly squeezed in together. What happens because of this is that when you get on the subway they all force their way on and it becomes tightly backed with limited space for moving. Also, when you bump into people here they do not say sorry or excuse me they just keep on walking and some people if you say excuse me or sorry they tend to get mad at you for doing it. What I would tell people who are coming into Hong Kong is that when they are walking around to just stand strong and continue walking straight because if you try to move around people you will honestly get nowhere because there are just to many people walking.