Hong Kong Culture

In China by Eller Student

I can’t say that I’ve ever been to a city that compares to Hong Kong.  Upon my arrival I was immediately shocked by the amount of people that were walking around trying to get to where ever they were going as fast as they could.  Although intimidating at first, you find that getting around in this humungous city is easier then you would expect.  This is due to the efficiency of all of their public transportation.  You would think that with all of the people who live in Hong Kong lines for public transportation would be long, but in actuality I have yet to find myself waiting in a line for transportation for over 5min.  Typically I find myself stereotyping large cities with chaos, fast paced, cars honking, and rude people, which don’t get me wrong exists in Hong Kong, but here it is as if everybody is all part of one large community.  A community that has been very welcoming and intrigued in showing international peoples such as myself their culture/way of life.  This picture illustrates the uniqueness of Hong Kong’s community because even though I had no idea what dance they were doing or to be completely honest why the were doing it they loved that I was making an effort to participate in their culture.  So much so that they held my hands to teach me how to dance correctly and would turn around and take pictures of my awesome dance moves.  Anyways that’s just one story I’ve got a couple months for many more.