Hong Kong Food

In China by Eller Student

Hong Kong is a very international and diverse city in every way except for the food. Almost every restaurant has identical food which is of course authentic Chinese food. All the meals are served with either rice or noodles. You do have the choice between different sauces, but to me they all taste about the same. When it comes to meat, every restaurant offers beef, pork, and chicken with your noodles or rice. However most these meals only have a few pieces of meat with a large serving or rice or noodles. This makes it very difficult to ever really feel full, usually after about an hour or two i feel like i need another meal.
Other than the few American fast food chains, almost all of the restaurants are small family owned sit down restaurants. There are very few places where you can just grab a quick meal and go. People take there time with every meal, lunch with my co-workers is at least 45 minutes and sometimes more. Also the strangest thing to me is that when you first sit down and ask for a water they bring you hot, almost boiling water. This is especially strange considering it is hot and humid here so the last thing i want is a hot drink. Overall hong kong is a great city, but their food is taking some time to get use to.