Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student


When I first arrived in this city, I was extremely overwhelmed with the sheer amounts of people, most with English as a second language. As I continued on my trip and started to discover the city itself I realized I was extremely happy with the place I chose to live for the summer. It has been a very big change of pace from my very relaxed home lifestyle.
What has made my trip a lot easier would be the public transportation system. The train which is known as the MTR can put you within a short walking distance of every part of Hong Kong. It is extremely easy to use as well and very efficient to support a population of 7 million Hong Kong residents. One of the odd things I immediately realized within the train station was that there were people with yellow shirts and white gloves standing right next to most entrances to the train. Once I learned what they were there to do it became less of an enjoyable experience. With the city being as dense and populated as it is many people use public transit to go from place to place. These workers with the white gloves are there to regulate the people getting on the train, and essentially shove as many people into the tiny subway car as possible. It was a very unpleasant experience the very first time, but I have learned to get used to it. It has taken some patients to learn how to deal with the extreme crowdedness of the city; however it has been a great experience.