Johan Cruyff Institute/First few weeks

In Spain by Eller Student

My internship is a marketing one for Johan Cruyff Institute. Johan Cruyff is a world renowned soccer player and was recently voted the best European soccer player in the 1900’s and the second best world soccer player behind the great Pele for the 1900’s. Johan Cruyff Institute is an online university to train students in becoming sports managers or sports marketers. They teach what it takes to be successful and provide a lot of good examples from the past. My job was to help them improve in their social media. Johan Cruyff Institute has a facebook and twitter but rarely use it. I was asked to look how the United States’ Universities market their sports teams and business colleges using social media.Another assignment they assigned for myself and Kacie to do was to make sure their English translations are correct. They teach the courses both in Spanish and English. They’ve asked us to go through each module and to correct any spellings, grammar and awkward sounding sentences.

My first couple weeks in Barcelona, Spain have been a blast. I have been doing everything from sightseeing, watching soccer, to going to the beach and the night clubs at night. It is truly a different world over here. In Tucson, everything closes at 2am, however in Barcelona, everything closes at 5am. The sightseeing we have done so far have all been excellent. We saw the castle, Montserrat Monastery, Torres winery, Gothic quarter, Plaza Catalunya etc. This weekend we are getting a tour of Camp Nou which I am very excited to see. It is also a lot of fun being in a city that loves soccer more than anything else. We have gone to an Irish pub called George Payne to watch the soccer games and that is an experience. I just hope that Spain plays in the finals so that we can experience that.