Blog Entry #1

In England by Eller Student

London has been amazing so far. The city is an incredible place with a new spectacle around every corner. The tour of the Globe Theatre was my favorite guided tour because of all the history that is associated with it. I didn’t appreciate Shakespeare in high school because all of the information was directly from a textbook. Observing has real life instruments in a physical setting provided me with a whole new outlook on his masterful talent. His ability to write scripts and manage a business, the Globe, in the 17th century is a characteristic that is very impressive.
Outside of the guided tours, my most impressionable event was seeing Queen Elizabeth’s II birthday parade. The celebration stimulated the historical relevance that is so important to London’s history. Parades are not typically my niche, but this event had a different feeling to it. Everyone attendee was in an uplifted spirit, and was filled with joy to support the Queen. The most memorable part was when the flyover occurred, and the entire royal family was present to observe the moment.
After the parade ended, Allie and I went to the London Eye. The Eye was an incredible sight to see both outside and inside of it. When at the peak, you can see the entire city. Big Ben, Parliament, and Buckingham palace were my favorite buildings. All of them were unique but tied the city together in a way you could only imagine from hundreds of feet in the air.
My internship for VB Research begins tomorrow, and I am hopeful that this position will go as smoothly as everything else has. My job seems to be involved within the marketing scope of the company. The business journalism firm operates in the natural energy sector, and provides pertinent information to companies who invest within the industry. The company is fairly small so the marketing aspect could be an extremely important duty for them.