Living in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

When I first arrived in Barcelona, Spain I was extremely excited to get the ball rolling and start working for my internship. After a few days of orientation we set off for our first day of work. As I walked into work I noticed almost instantaneously how calm and laidback my work was. First of all it is in one large room with 30 tables and desks. Our work is also in a warehouse. In the back of our offices there are thousands of boxes with the IDAPT products in them in order of countries of where they are being shipped out to. This is definitely a cultural different. In The United States our offices are nice buildings with numerous different rooms with separate desks or cubicles. They also call the table in the warehouse the “conference room” because it is the quieter part of the warehouse. This made me laugh a little bit but I really like the atmosphere here. IDAPT has no dress code and everyone can wear whatever they desire. I have seen my boss even wear sweatpants and a cute top one day. This dress code is another cultural difference because most of the time you would never be able to dress that way to work. Lastly a very common and known cultural differences is when you greet someone, instead of shaking hands the Spaniards kiss you on both cheeks. I have just now gotten used to this.

The people and food I have to say were a huge change for me. First let me say I am a very adventurous and avid eater. I tried so hard to try all the tapas and other Spanish foods. Unfortunately, their food is so bland. The only type a food I really do like is their Paella. I have had seafood, vegetarian, and meat Paella and I truly haven’t had a bad dish of that yet. Other than that the food is just not my cup of tea. We asked the university restaurant to make scrambled eggs for us in the morning thinking there is no way that could be any different than how we make them and we were wrong. The eggs are like mush. However we are all good sports and try to eat them anyway. They also serve pizza squares every morning which I though was funny but I love pizza so I have no problem with that at all. I have had some good food in Spain such as their Ham, croissants and their pasta. Luckily, since Barcelona is such a tourist spot they has thousands of restaurants that we have tried for lunch. We have tried Italian, sushi, Chinese, Mexican and American food here. It may sound like this is not Spanish food but even though it is a certain type of cuisine they still put their own twist on it and I have liked the way they make their Italian food. The pizzas are different by putting ham on top instead of pepperoni and their pasta Bolognese is actually sweet.

Overall, I am having a wonderful time in Barcelona and I am getting used to the culture and the people more and more every day.