In England by Eller Student

I have now been in London for eleven days and everyday I walk around I still can’t believe I am here. London is incredibly beautiful and though they speak a similar language it differs from America in many ways. Things that I find to be innate and normal in America are very opposite here. Not only do the people in London drive on the opposite side they walk on the opposite side as well. We have found the people are also quite different. People and services are not very friendly or helpful and appear to be more stiff and shy. Everyone looks like they are walking down the runway and we get the occasional glares when we are in a group of 25 people all wearing University of Arizona clothes. Although these sound like negative observations they are just cultural differences we must to adjust to. I am inspired by London and have been so moved by my surroundings and the way people portray themselves. The only downside about London is the food. I am a pretty picky eater and have not made the best choices when ordering food. I haven’t tried the famous fish and chips but I tried Indian food, which is very popular in London. The desserts among many other things have definitely made up for the food. London is simply amazing full of beautiful architecture and history. We have been on a few walking tours and a bus tour but I still have so much to see.  So far I have visited the Globe Theatre, walked around Buckingham Palace, Royal Albert Hall, a few markets, went to high tea and much more. I am not typically enthused about history but being able to see such famous landmarks has been extremely exciting. Although the weather is cold and it is always rainy, I never want to leave London.