In England by Eller Student

The place we are living is in South Kensington and the neighborhood is absolutely beautiful.  Hyde Park and Kensington Palace are just about a ten minute walk from us.  The only downfall so far is that it is incredibly expensive so I have had a hard time with that, but I guess it was expected.  There are 24 students from UofA on the program with me and we are all living in two flats that are right across the hall from each other.  We’re on the fifth floor so we definitely get a workout everyday!  We have some rooms of 2 people and some of 4 and then share a common kitchen/living area.  But the flats are perfect for us and everyone on the trip is so kind and so much fun to hangout with.  We have all become so close already and I have made such great friends!

I officially started my internship today and am really enjoying it so far! I’m working at a non-profit called St. Bride Foundation and am helping out in the accounting department.  I was only given small busy work tasks today but my supervisor said that I will be doing more once I get adjusted to it all.  It’s a really small organization and has only 8 full time employees so I really like that it is such a close little community.  They are very accommodating to what I want to get out of the internship so I’m really excited for the next few weeks to see what else they have me do!

We also started our class last week, which is focused on British life and culture.  We are going to be doing a lot of studying on Shakespeare so we were able to go on a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and learn about all the history behind it.  This week we are going to see the play Henry V at the Globe so I’m really excited for that!  We also went on a walking tour around our neighborhood and that is when we walked through Hyde Park.  It is such a beautiful park and I can’t wait to have a day where I can go read in the grass for a whole day.  The weather has been fairly nice so far, thankfully not too much rain but we have only seen the sun a couple times.

I am absolutely loving it so far and can’t believe I have already been here for almost two weeks.  The time has flown by but I’m so excited for the next couple months and to see what they have in store for me!