The beginning

In Spain by Eller Student

The start of this experience has been absolutely amazing.  We are less than three weeks in and everything already feels so comfortable and easy.  The first few days were orientation days and spent getting to know the other people in the program and getting used to such a different evironment.  After a few days, we started work and we were able to start getting into a nice routine.

My internship is with a law firm called Tessal, which is perfect because it gives me the opportunity to really learn some Spanish while still seeing the legal aspects.  It gives me the chance to understand some international law and see if I would be interested in being a lawter  There are four of us in the office; a secretary, two lawyers and myself.  Its been really nice working in such a small organization, and I have my own office!  The commute to work is about an hour and a half away, which I really really dislike, but I get to see what it is like to live in a really large city.  So far, I have been translating and revising contracts that the firm has been asked to draft.  Then, once I completely understand them, I give my boss a few pointers on how to discuss the contract with the client using the correct English words, since she is still expanding her vocabulary.

The other really remarkable part of the experience is the new people that I have met.  There are about 60 people in total with our Dream Careers program and over 30 of them go to the University of Arizona.  Its perfect because I am getting to make so many new friends from back home and a lot from all over the country.  We have all gotten to know each other so well in such a short period of time.  Last weekend a bunch of us went to Ibiza and all bonded a lot more there.  There were also some U of A people from another group in Barcelona making us a huge group!  There are few things better then getting to hangout on a beautiful beach with tons of new friends.

Such an amazing view from our hotel in Ibiza!

Soo much has taken place in only three weeks so I’m excited to see what it will all be like at the end of the 8 week program.