The Dance

In Argentina by Eller Student

The Tango originated in Argentina, and the love for the traditional dance is still flourishing. Our very first day in Argentina, we saw people performing the Tango in the street, not inhibited by the tourists and others passing by.


The Argentine’s love for dance, however, is not strictly limited to traditional forms like the tango. The nightlife reflects the culture’s love to move to the groove (of a wide variety of music). Within a 30 minute period, the DJs at various clubs would play songs seemingly randomly. One time we were enjoying some salsa music and then were surprised to have that followed with “Who Let the Dogs Out?” then “Living on a Prayer” followed by a song in Spanish into some Madonna. While we were a little caught off guard and confused by the musical choices, we still had a great time and tried to continue our dance moves seamlessly like the locals were doing.


On our last night in Buenos Aires, we visited a Tango Show at a beautiful restaurant. The show went on while we enjoyed a very nice meal and we were lucky enough to have front row seats. As a dancer myself, I enjoyed the technicality of the movements, the grace of the transitions, and the variety of styles within the show. What made an impact on everyone was the passion that everyone on the stage shared. The star dancers were being matched by the less experienced ones and by the in between vocal acts as well. It was clear that these people loved doing exactly what they were doing in the show and it made it that much better for us to watch!