Things Nahuel Says…

In Argentina by Eller Student

One of our advisors with CEA was named Nahuel. He was a walking encyclopedia and comedian all in one. He overheard me talking about the blog on our way to Colonia, Uruguay. That’s when he helped spark the idea behind this post.

The following is a list of quotes from Nahuel….

“Dear Blog,

Nahuel is so hot…”


“I am banned from driving in Uruguay … When I was young I was stupid and drove a golf cart into the water.”


“I used to think YOLO was a thing that girls who did weird things said.”


After visiting the cemetery… “I don’t think YOLO is a good saying; you live every day. It should be YODO because you really only die once.”


“They were ninjas and they were turtles… It’s a win-win situation.”


“From coast to coast, from soda to pop, from hipster to gangster, I know it all.”


“I lost my swag today.”


Nahuel was a great guy to lead us on the trip! He was so funny and really knew so many interesting and slightly bizarre facts that most wouldn’t know. He helped make the trip the experience it was for us – he understood our culture and made it easy to adapt to Argentine ways. I know we all miss him, his sense of humor, and his Argentinian sarcasm!


This photo captures his sense of humor!