¡Vale Vale!

In Spain by Eller Student

With this being my first blog and all I need to start out by saying what an amazing and eye opening experience this is. I cannot believe that almost three weeks have gone by. The culture is unlike anything I have ever imagined, yet so humble and welcoming at the same time. This is my first time out of the country (besides Mexico), so coming into this experience you could say I was a bit apprehensive. However,Spain and the city of Barcelona are without a doubt one of the most breath taking places I have ever been. It has exceeded my expectations more than I could have even imagined.

Everyday I feel as if it’s a new adventure and learning experience. Whether it’s working in the morning then going to the beach or if it’s a weekend sight seeing and a wild night out, I know I am soaking up everything Barcelona has to offer and so much more. Every building I come across seems to have a historic background, and the architecture throughout Spain is out of this world. Gaudi´s work is something out of a fairy tale, and I’m thrilled that I am surrounded by it throughout this experience.

The nightlife here is absolutely ridiculous, and I’m not even exaggerating. Before getting here I thought there was no way possible I could go out till the early hours of the morning and get to work the next day. However, when you are actually in the city and the environment you find yourself (along with the rest of Barcelona) stumbling into bed around 7a.m. And let me tell you, its beyond worth it. After nights like that I am more than thankful for siesta time. This leads me to my next new found love for Barcelona, Spanish time.

Coffee breaks, two to three hour lunches, siesta time, and where 15 minutes late means your on time is something I am becoming very use to. Life here as a whole is something that Spaniards cherish a great deal more than the people living in the states. No one is ever in a hurry, coffee “to go” is unheard of, and there is always time to grab a cappuccino, glass of wine and of course watch a game of fútbol. Another vast difference between Spain and the US is there means of transportation. My first train ride from the Universidad into the city felt like a lifetime. However here, trains, the metro and buses are apart of the daily routine along with walking…lots and lots of walking. Not many people own cars, which also explains why everyone here is in such good shape.

Time is flying by, I admit I am somewhat upset that already two and a half weeks have past, but on the contrary I am so excited to see what these next six weeks have to offer. It’s a great feeling to wake up everyday this summer knowing that I live in one of the most historic, beautiful, and entertaining cities in the entire world. ¡VALE VALE!


View from Parc Guell!