Wicker’s Blog: Leg 1

In England by Eller Student

Ten days in, and I’m still struggling to call “football” by its rightful name. The soccer tournament Euro 2012 has taken over the country, and I have happily gone along with it. It’s a sport that I know almost nothing about, but I have no problem spending almost every night in the club cheering and groaning when everyone else is. I’m catching on fine, I can proudly claim that I know the names of six different players on the English national team. I’ve even successfully held half a dozen conversations about football without coming across as an idiot.

However, the real reason I came to this country was for an internship, although I have not had as much as an interview in my first ten days here. I report for my first day of work tomorrow with very little in the way of knowledge for what I’ll be doing. I only even found out what company I’ll be working for a couple of days ago. On my fourth night here, I went to a pub down the road with some friends and met a few English guys who asked us why we were here. When we told them it was for an internship, they asked us who we were working for.

“Not a clue.”

The English man looked puzzled. “You came across the Atlantic and you don’t know who you’re working for?”


“So you could be working for a hot dog stand, yeah?”

Regardless, I’ve had an incredible time taking full advantage of having virtually no responsibilities. I’ve seen all sorts of sights, eaten great food, and heard some great accents. The sights are too many to list, but the best so far has been a day visit to Hampton Court earlier today. Touring King Henry VIII’s palace and gardens was fascinating, but it made me insanely jealous of anyone who is lucky enough to be born into the royal family. All I could think about was how great it would be to live there, and how impressed anyone who I would bring back on a date would be by my palace. Personally, I was more entertained by the garden than the castle. As far as I’m concerned, they can keep the palace as long as I get to keep the gardens, complete with lakes, trees, and pathways that make me involuntarily hum the Lord of the Rings theme.

While the time change has made it difficult to watch American sports, it is a blessing in that I don’t have to give up any of my time during the day to watch an NBA finals game that comes on at 1:00am. The only thing I have to give up is sleep, which I am plenty used to doing at school anyway.

I have my fingers crossed for a good internship. I know my classes will be great fun, as both teachers were excellent in our first classes last week. I already have my first project assignment, which I will likely work on while I am on the tube on the way to work.

That’s it for now! Cheers.


Steven and I hanging out with a lion in central London