4 weeks down and 4 TO GO…

In China by Eller Student

These are the wonderful people I work with at my internship in Schoeni Art Gallery. Sadly the one holding the cake left a week and half after I started my internship. She is going to get her masters degree in London, England and I wish her the best. Even though I have been interning at Schoeni Art Gallery for a month, I feel like we have been there for much longer. As of right now the art gallery is in the phase of transitioning to a new and improved website, also we are preparing for the 20th anniversary of the gallery, and we are re cataloging all the images the gallery uses for its business. We all have our hands full, but we have each others backs.

My roommate, a friend and I decided to take what we thought was going to be just a regular hike to a beach. Well it was about 90 degrees F and quite a few hills before we got to see this view. I have never seen anything like this before.  The view was absolutely amazing and it was well worth all the sweat and hills to see this view but there was waaaaaaaaaaay more to come….

After hiking for about another hour through a swamp and taking a wrong turn, we came to this wonderful beach that had white sands and only four other people who where on the complete opposite side of the beach. I have never seen such a beautiful beach in my life. It was surreal going from a the tall and crowded Hong Kong to taking a hike through a thick jungle and coming to an almost empty beach. My hiking buddies and I enjoyed every moment of every second when we where on that beach.

After the beach we had to hike back home but we did not want to go through the thick jungle and swamp so we decided to take another route. Well that took us on a long journey where we found a small village that had the only working phone in the area and we had to hike to hike a whole mountain range just to get to the point where our cab was going to pick us up. By the time we got to our destination we looked at a map and we realized that we had hiked over 40 km with only a few oranges, a few pieces of bread, 4 bottles of water and a whole lot of will power. Most of the hike was uphill too :)!