A Day at the Olympics

In England by Eller Student

On Sunday the 29th I had the privilege of watching the USA men’s indoor volleyball team compete in the Olympics.  The game was at Earl’s Court, which is conveniently only a few Tube stops from our neighborhood station.   We decked out in USA gear, thinking everyone in the arena would surely all be dressed for the occasion.  We arrived in USA shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, face paint and the whole shebang! Bringing along an American flag the entire way.  Once we entered the grounds we found we were actually the most spirited of the fans and people loved it.  All of the security people chuckled when they saw us and wished us a fabulous time at the match.  I cannot even recall how many times we were greeted with the joke “What country are you all supporting today?”.  But everyone was amused and happy to see us and we were excited to be there.  Before the USA game began the announcer gave a shout out to us as the Americans and pointed to us waving our flag.  Our tickets were for Australia vs. Argentina and then USA vs. Serbia.  Throughout the matches we cheered and shouted and only took a break between the games to grab a snack.  What do they serve at an Olympics event in London? Baked potatoes and quiche.  So I enjoyed my baked potato and I enjoyed my experience.  After USA won we pranced around the arena and soaked in the atmosphere.  Numerous people from other countries asked to take pictures of us and with us, and it was hilarious.  It was so fun and I am thrilled that I was able to partake in the Olympic spirit.