A Truly Valuable Experience

In Spain by Eller Student

Interning in Barcelona has continued to be a rewarding and fulfilling educational and work experience. I am gaining valuable knowledge and skills related to accounting and finance that will be useful to me when I return to America. I will be able to apply these skills to both my education at the University of Arizona as well as my career after college. Working at SeCod, I have been managing the company’s clients’ accounts. Using the program Informatica 3, I have learned to bookkeep client expenses and record receipts. Below this blog I have included a screenshot of a blank account of a client using this program to illustrate the application’s format. Through Informatica 3, I maintain SeCod’s books and work with various accounts on a day-to-day basis. When I return to America and learn to use other programs, I will have experience working with bookkeeping programs already and will be familiarized. My experience at SeCod is helping me to prepare me for a future career in finance and accounting.

The language barrier in the workplace has continued to present obstacles for me throughout my work experience abroad, however it has only made me a more valuable asset to the corporate world. As work has progressed and I am taught more about using Informatica 3 it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with my co-workers who speak no English whatsoever. The employees at SeCod only speak Spanish and Catalan, predominantly the latter; because of this, I have learned a significant amount of Spanish in order to complete my work. I constantly must be aware in order to understand what I am supposed to be doing and how to go about doing it. Whenever obstacles arise and I cannot articulate what I need to say, I resort to Google translate to help which never fails. The language barrier has only motivated me to be more independent and show more initiative by forcing me to push myself to work harder. The language barrier sets me back and accordingly I must put in that much more effort to be successful. Interning at SeCod has been a once in a lifetime experience that will be valuable to my future career.

Being successful in the business industry in the twenty first century requires individuals to differentiate themselves and prove themselves in order to be successful. An important way collegiate students can separate themselves from their peers is through international work experience. Being in Barcelona and working for a consulting firm like SeCod at my age is a truly valuable experience that will help establish my resume and background as a businessman of the twenty first century. International work experience is essential to today’s business world especially as technology continues to advance and bring countries around the world inter-connected. I look forward to returning to America with this abroad work experience where I will be able to apply this acquired skill and knowledge to school and work.