All Great Things Must Come To An End Barcelona 2012

In Spain by Eller Student

As my trip is coming to an end I have learned and experienced so much in these past two months. The Spanish culture is very different from ours back in the United States. At work we have no dress code and the atmosphere is always laidback. It is stated in their company policy that music must be playing at all times in the office. I have no problem with the music because it’s always on a station that plays American songs so it keeps me entertained. I enjoy working at my job because it is a stress free atmosphere to work in.

Two weekends ago I attended Running of the Bulls in Pamplona Spain. This experience is one to remember and a Spanish tradition that I believe would never ever pass in the Unites States. They say the city of Pamplona has 75,000 people who live there yet every year they surpass 1.2 million visitors for the week. With that number in mind you can only imagine the sea of people roaming the streets all wearing the exact same outfit (White shirt, white pants, red bandana and red scarf around the waist). The event is actually a week long however we only stayed for 2 days which I believed was easily long enough. Anyways, the basic concept of this celebration is that everyone stays up all night celebrating the Sant Fermin tradition and then as the dawn approaches the runners start heading to the starting lineup. At 8 am they let the bulls and the runners off and at that point it’s a race to the bull fighting stadium. As the bulls fear they are in danger they take down anyone in their way. There were many gruesome injuries along the way. However, when the runners make it to the arena everyone is cheering and chanting. Once everyone is in the arena they let a bull out one at a time and the runners take their chances of trying to touch and dodge the bulls. After all the bulls had been released and exited the arena everyone goes home to sleep only for a couple of hours before they start up again for the next night.

The Sant Fermin Running of the Bulls was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget and is one of the reasons why I love Spain and its culture so much.