Already July!

In Spain by Eller Student

Its already July and our summer here is half over. It has gone so quickly! Last weekend, we went to the South of France. We left Saturday morning, very early, in busses for the three hour drive to Carcasonne. We got to our hotel and had a little while to relax and grab lunch. For a lot of people on the trip, it was their first time to France and none of us spoke very good French, so that made everything a lot funnier. We would try to speak to them and mix English and Spanish and trying a little French…not good! Then it was time to go on a walking tour of the old walled city. It was absolutely beautiful and everything that one would picture France as. Old stores; candy shops, and medieval stores, and haunted stuff. No one could hear much about the city from the guide but we got to see a lot and go in to an old church. That night we had dinner at the hotel and spent the rest of the evening at bars getting to enjoy the locals and more French culture.

The next morning we got up early to drive back to Spain and see the Dali Museum. It was unbelievable! The ideas that he had and the different types of art that he was able to come up with truly blows my mind. He doesn’t have one time of canvas, like only paper or only sculptures. Dali has the ability to make art out of everything and anything, which made the experience that much cooler. It was our first full day of rain so the cold kind of put a damper on the day but it was still amazing. That night we got to watch Spain beat Italy in “football”, so that just sealed off a great weekend!

Thursday morning we leave for Budapest, our first trip without the rest of the program! I have never been to Hungary or really heard that much about it, so it will be a entirely new experience to me and the three other girls going. The currency there is different so we are going to have to change in some Euros for their dollars, which are called Flourints. One US dollar buys 229 of their dollars so that will be very interesting.

So much has taken place, but we are only half way done, so I am very excited to see where the rest of the trip goes!