Amazing Grub in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

When I first got to Barcelona I was not expecting the food to be this good. Everyone told me that it is good but it is not the best food they have had comparing it to other countries. Honestly, I absolutely love the food here. Every pound gained is completely worth it! Every restaurant I have been to gets better and better. I would have to say my top three favorite places I have been to are Bo de B, Da Greco, and El Cau. Bo de B is a sandwhich place where they take a whole baguette and stuff it with anything you want right in front of you. The best part is it is only 3.50 Euro! They have ingredients such as chicken, steak, salmon, peppers, cucumber, lentils, you name it! Da Greco has the best italian food I have ever tasted. It definitely beats Italy and I am Italian! I had a three cheese pizza that was to die for. The ingredients are as fresh as can be and the bread is super soft and doughy.It was a nice place to go with the girls before a night out. I would have to say El Cau is my favorite because it is sentimental. It was the first place I tried when I got here and it has the best Sangria I have had since I have been in Barcelona. They also put some interesting twists on American food which makes it kind of homey. The best dishes I have had has been the Paella and the patatas bravas. I have to say Barcelona grub is top notch!!

Pizza 🙂

Seafood Paella

The largest glass of Sangria