Barca Summer

In Spain by Eller Student

I’m still shocked when I think of how fast this summer is going by. The last month has flashed by like it was only a week, but a week filled with enough memories to fit into an entire year. There is so much to do that we’re constantly experiencing new things with new people in new places. Last week we spent one night exploring a medieval fortress in France and the next celebrating in the streets of Barcelona after Spain’s historic Euro Cup victory. I think of how many people get to experience a weekend like that and I’m sure it can’t be many.

I’m enjoying my internship so far, the company I work for is a museum with some pretty unique ideas for their organization. I work with two other interns from the program. The scope of our project is wide and the end result will be whatever we have decided to make of it. I like the owner a lot and I don’t want to feel like I let him down so hopefully we create some value for them while we’re here.

I’m spending the weekend Rome with my room mate and some friends from the program. From now on I’ll be traveling every weekend until we leave. I have a feeling that traveling is going to make the rest of the summer go by even that much faster. That’s just one more reason to live it up while we’re here.