Barcelona : half way done

In Spain by Eller Student

Carcassonne, France with Tony.

I cannot believe I am half way done with the program. It is somber to think we only have a month left in beautiful Barcelona. This trip has been absolutely amazing and I am extremely lucky to have this experience. I still have many items to check off of my Barcelona bucket list while I am still here, but for the past few weeks I have been exploring more of the city and spending time with great friends. The other day I stumbled upon a market off of Las Ramblas, a highly populated street in the city of Barcelona, called La Boqueria. This market had many choices of fresh meat and fish. In fact, I have never seen such a large assortment of fish in my life. In addition, the market had fresh produce and a variety of candy. Furthermore, last week I went to a Park called Parc de la Ciutadella with a few of my close friends. We wondered around the intricate park which had many statues and an abstract fountain. We decided to rent a row boat and row our way around a lake in the middle of the park. But the most thrilling event that I have experienced over these past few days was the EuroCup Finals, Spain vs. Italy. The city went insane over the big win! It was such an exciting sight to see. People were cheering up and down Pl. Catalunya blowing horns and setting off fireworks. I felt extremely lucky to have been present for such an honorable winning championship.

Over the past weekend, DreamCareers took us on a trip to Carcassonne, France. I fell in love with the people, the scenery and the culture there. It was nice to be in a less populated area and have some peace and quiet. Unlike the south of France, Barcelona is a huge city with a lot of constant activity. The south of France gave everyone a nice break from the hype of Barcelona and allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the beautiful Medieval Castle. The town within the castle contained many little stores, some of which sold medieval costumes. The town also had a selection of crepe stands, paninis and delicious gelato. The following day, we headed back to Spain where we stopped in Figueres to visit the Salvador Dali museum. The museum was, in the simplest way of saying, bizarre. Dali’s surrealist technique was puzzling, yet intriguing. I have a strong passion for art, and seeing Dali’s work up close was very meaningful.

My internship has been going very smoothly. My boss, Yago, has given Paul, my intern partner, and I a list of tasks to accomplish during our stay. Everyday in the office, we work on a few of these tasks and interact with the other employees if we have any questions or concerns. It is pleasing to know how appreciative people are here, especially in the business world. In America, people assume that others will do their job regardless of any positive feedback. Here in Spain, people are more grateful towards the hard work one puts into their job and they appreciate their employee’s everyday work efforts.

Tomorrow, I am leaving with a few of my close friends to go to BUdapest, Hungary. I have never been to Hungary before, so I have many mixed emotions. I am anxious, yet enthusiastic for the adventure to come this weekend and I cannot wait to see what Budapest has to offer me.