Barcelona- Half way done

In Spain by Eller Student

It is crazy how fast my internship is flying by I feel like just a week ago my plane was landing and my international experience was beggining. It is hard to believe I will be flying back to the states in just a few weeks. I have done so much in one month. I have seen nearly all of the top attractions to see in Barcelona and have traveled outside of Barcelona.

Last weekend the group took an overnight trip to Carcassonne France. It was beautiful. The entire city is centered around a castle, it kindove felt like we were in a fairytale. After enjoying a night in France we drove to Figures Spain to see the Salvador Dali museum. I am not much of a museum/ artsy person however, this place was awesome. There was so much to see and Figueres is a really fun town.

As far as my internship, I just finished a project helping them translate their spanish legal documents to english so they could put it on their website. I am now creating a presentation comparing their biggest competition in the United States to their program and finding strengths and weaknesses in both programes. I will present the information to them in a week or so.

I am so excited for this next month. There is a lot to look forward to. I will be traveling to Budapest Hungary this weekend, and then the Amalfi Coast in Italy in two weeks.